January Client Spotlight: Sweet Heat

January Client Spotlight: Sweet Heat

Posted by backdrop.com on Jan 16th 2024

For the month of January, we are featuring our client, Sweet Heat, who recently exhibited at the Las Vegas Convention Center with a 20ft QuickZip LightBox. Here's our one-on-one Q&A with one of the Founders: 

Q. What does your company do? Provide links you would like us to include to your site and/or products and services. 
A. Sweet Heat invented and brought to market THE hottest patio heater accessory, a directional heat reflector that helps you save money and increases the heat output of your outdoor patio heater! You simply add a Sweet Heat heater reflector on any patio heater, and you've instantly converted your 360º patio heater into a directional heater. By doing so, you can save up to $3.75 in propane AND extend the heat range of your heater by up to 70%!  www.SweetHeatReflectors.com

Q. When did you start attending trade shows and what impact has that had on your business? 
A. Our first trade show was the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas in 2021. We were super excited to exhibit, and share our product with the world. The first show was quite an eye opener for us newbies, because we really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. We got a single booth at the "New Product Area" thinking that would suffice, but we knew we had to do better at the following events. 
In the next few shows, we ended up getting a 20'x10' foot space and completely refreshed our look with TradeShowBooth.com's 20' Foot QuickZip Lightbox display. We also purchased a 10' QuickZip Straight for smaller shows. In addition to the displays we got from TradeShowBooth.com, we had a local woodworker and acrylic manufacturer make us a custom display stand (you can see it in the pictures). Our planning and hard work made us stand out and immediately started attracting the attention of bigger buyers.
Q. Which display did you use at your last event? What made you choose that product? 
A. At our most recent trade show, we used our 20' Foot QuickZip Lightbox display paired with our custom made heater stands, cushioned tile flooring and a fitted table throw from TradeShowBooth.com. The cushioned flooring really helped with fatigue and is highly recommended.

Q. What is most valuable your trade show hack? Be active before, during and after your trade show! 
A. Before: Plan, plan, plan! "What are you trying to take away from this show?" is a question we find ourselves asking while planning for upcoming shows. Once you know that, you can then make sure your booth and messaging matches your company's strategy. Also, try and find a booth space near one of the big arteries at the show. 
During: Talk, talk, talk! Talk to as many people as possible. We were very active and vocal. We knew that we were a new product in a category (seasonal) that is often overlooked, but this just made want to work even harder. Don't expect the buyers to talk to you. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and bring potential customers in. 
After: Email, call, text! You just spent a lot of money to attend this show, so make sure to get your money's worth by messaging all of your new contacts.

Q. How has your booth or display helped push your messaging to potential customers/buyers? 
A. We knew our first booth at the "New Product Area" really didn't convey the message we wanted. It didn't align with our company image. We knew we had to be more bold, so when we changed our display, we went with the 20' backlit display that did just that! Although our team members were flagging down potential buyers, we did have a couple bigger retailers stop on their own. We even had a few buyers say, "one of my co-workers told me that I had to see the Sweet Heat booth." Felt great to hear that, and we really saw the impact of all our hard work.

Q. What have you learned about your displays that can help others choose the right display for them? 
A. I loved the aluminum snap tube design of TradeShowBooth.com's QuickZip displays. They are relatively lightweight and easy to travel with. I think the 10' version takes one person about 5 minutes to put together, while the 20' backlit version might take a bit longer (most because of the lighting), but is super easy.

Q. What's your favorite city to exhibit in and why? 
A. Las Vegas! I love that there are so many options for entertaining clients. Great food, great shows, great hotels. Be sure to plan ahead, though. Restaurant reservations book up rather quickly.

Q. Any additional words of advice? 
A. Stay true to your brand. Whether your focus is to introduce a new product to the market or increase sales for an existing company/brand, I believe that the messaging is the most important part. Know what your company stands for, and make sure your booth, fliers, samples, etc. all represent it properly. Good luck to everyone!