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About Us

Life is composed of a series of moments. Moments ranging from the mundane daily commute, to the gratification of closing a key sale, to the birth of your first child. At backdrop.com, we specialize in the moments that matter. Our obsession is finding a way to make those moments photo-worthy, fun, and memorable. And we are obsessed with the client experience from start to finish.

About collaborative

For moments
that are collaborative

Great moments are not created in a vacuum, and the same goes for great products. By utilizing our combined expertise and experience through collaboration, our team has worked passionately to build something truly special for your big moment.

About creative

For moments
that are creative

We see the design of the backdrop as the single-most important aspect of the experience of creating a moment that matters. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure your design experience is seamless and fun from start to finish, making executing a custom backdrop design almost as exciting as the event itself.

About practical

For moments
that are practical

We are detail-obsessed, and in constant pursuit of creating the best user interaction with our backdrops. Our product development team has combed over every aspect of our materials, from the size of the box to the color of zipper, so that you spend less time setting up and more time on what matters.

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